Friday, May 30, 2008

easy and healthy recipes for workers

I walked into my kitchen this evening unable to decide what I was going to make for my dinner. I make my dinner almost every evening and I dread going out because of the difficulty in finding a cafe offering simple, economic and healthy foods.I live on a limited income and I must be very careful to control my urges for fancy foods.
Anyhow, I splurge on some mozzeralla which I bought for a decent price at the local Cash&Carry wholesale store. In addition I picked up at a decent price some fresh halibut and a red bell pepper which I'm told is loaded with all sorts of necessary vitamins more than its green and yellow companions. I baked the halibut which I dressed with olive oil and several slices of bell pepper . I sliced the mozzerella, dipped the slices in egg batter and bread crumbs and sauted them in olive oil. For some greens I cut up some brocoli, steamed them and them sauted them in olive oil. It was terrific.Plenty of vitamins and extremely satisfying.


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Great! :-(

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