Friday, May 30, 2008

easy and healthy recipes for workers

I walked into my kitchen this evening unable to decide what I was going to make for my dinner. I make my dinner almost every evening and I dread going out because of the difficulty in finding a cafe offering simple, economic and healthy foods.I live on a limited income and I must be very careful to control my urges for fancy foods.
Anyhow, I splurge on some mozzeralla which I bought for a decent price at the local Cash&Carry wholesale store. In addition I picked up at a decent price some fresh halibut and a red bell pepper which I'm told is loaded with all sorts of necessary vitamins more than its green and yellow companions. I baked the halibut which I dressed with olive oil and several slices of bell pepper . I sliced the mozzerella, dipped the slices in egg batter and bread crumbs and sauted them in olive oil. For some greens I cut up some brocoli, steamed them and them sauted them in olive oil. It was terrific.Plenty of vitamins and extremely satisfying.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Book signing at Made in Oregon store`

Paul Pintarich, author and journalist, will be signing his new book HISTORY by the Glass, a Second Round,Saturday (Rose Festival Parade Day)June 7 from 2 to 4 Made in Oregon store, Lloyd Center next door to Nordstroms.

Since its publication in November 2007, HISTORY by the GLASS, a Second Round,has enjoyed book signings at Powell's, Goose Hollow Inn, University Club of Portland, Buffalo Gap tavern,and Gottleib Art Gallery,(downtown Portland).

The book is a history of current historic Portland taverns, bars and saloons.Photos of the saloons accompany each essay plus a directional map. The book cover has a four-color photograph of an overflowing beer mug with two Portland roses.

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