Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Books and newspapers: who will survive?

This is a very difficult prediction to make .As a former working journalist and one that has spent most of his adult life in a field of endeavor which has no equal I reluctantly forecast that the newspapers as we know them today will be altered .Journalists will still be dominant but the product of their work will be delivered by different means. As for books they will remain the same , at least for the most part.There will be parts of books delivered through the internet and by DVD but neither will replace the actual book-toting item we are familiar with today.

Newspapers have a tradition of a large staff of specialists. Maintaining this advantage will serve as a "plus" when readers chose between traditional TV news providers and the print journalists. For more information on the subject contact jrbmedia@hevanet.com or 503/223-6737.

Powell's at PDX offers sale price

One of the Pacific Northwest's largest and most popular book stores has offered OREGON FEVER at holiday sale prices.The book listed at $19.95 is being sold at Powsell's PDX outlets ,according to its manager, at a sale price of around $12, definitely a good price for widely reviewed anthology of Northwest writers. The reviews are listed here by book editors from northern Washington to southern Oregon and places eastward in the Northwest.
(Call 503/223-6737 if you need more information)