Saturday, April 16, 2005

Seattle Times/Seattle P.I.add their favors

Th Seattle P.I. book critic John Marshall reported that " longtime editor ( Charles Deemer) compiles an intriguing anthology of wide ranging essays first published by The Oregonian newspaper; among the stellar contributors to this Oregon small press title are Ivan Doig, Barry Lopez and Larry Colton."

The Seattle Times book critic Michael Upchurch added to his brief and favorable mention the telephone number and name of the publisher. The 503/223-6737(Bianco Publishing) received requests for the book from a number of Seattle residents who read the brief book review.

Meantime, the May 18 celebration is gaining response as a result of mailed invitations and telephone contacts. Newspaper advertisements will begin appearing the first week of May. In addition posters will be circulated in the neighborhoods.The event begins at 4 p.m. May 18 (Wednesday) Headlining the author's list will be Charles Deemer, note playright and author who edited OREGON FEVER, Dan Yost, Charles Gould , Art Chenoweth, Ivan Doig and others.


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