Friday, March 18, 2005

Tacoma News Tribune adds its comments

The Tacoma News Tribune , one of the more respected newspapers in the Washington Puget Sound region , joined its fellow publications in the Pacific Northwest, in reviewing and favorably commenting on" OREGON FEVER" , the anthology recently published by Bianco Publishing/Avellino Press (Portland, Oregon) and edited by Charles Deemer, noted Portland playright and author.
Jean Jackman, writing for the Tribune's book section, said Rick Rubin and Ivan Doig , two of the nationally recognizable names in the book, contributed " evocative essays about winter hiking that suceeded in capturing the magic and beauty of shifting landscapes..." Jackman also enjoyed the freshness of a seriocomic essay by Daniel Yost, the popular Portland screen writer who co-authored with Gus Van Sant "Drugstore Cowboy."
Jackman said it was unfortunate that only one of the articles ( in the book) was written by a woman and assumed that the magazine leaned heavily on the white male side. However, the book is based on the stories in Northwest Magazine covering more than 18 years. During that period 936 magazines were published and there were on an average about three feature articles in each magazine making it a total of more than 2800 articles for the period. The 28 included in the book represent less than one per cent of the total. Northwest Magazine was one of the first to highlight the cause of women's right.In fact, a theme issue was published in the '70s headlining the importance of the black woman and how she is regarded highly as a mother and homemaker. The issue received some negative feedback which came mostly from an all white distaff audience. The Tribune review ran Feb 6, 2005.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

"High-quality " nostalgia

The Oregon Newspaper Publisher's bimonthly publication OREGON PUBLISHER called OREGON FEVER " high quality Northwest nostalgia. In a generous review the publication's editor David Merrill wrote:
"The book ( OREGON FEVER) harks back to the days of 'Northwest Magazine" (in the Sunday Oregonian from 1965 to 1982). Those who miss it and those never heard of it should be equally entertained by this collection of 28 essays". The magazine, Merrill continued , attracted a cadre of excellent authors who garnered national recognition either before or since their publication in Northwest Magazine .