Friday, February 04, 2005

OREGON FEVER gets wide distribution

`It has been several weeks since the first major shipment of books (OREGON FEVER , an anthology of Northwest writings, edited by Charles Deemer) went to retail outlets in Oregon, Washington and western Idaho. More than 80 retail outlets have so far received advance information about the new book . Early press reviews and other marketing data has also been distributed to key wholesalers and distributors.

Partners West Book Distributing Co., Inc. has reported distributing the book to major chain and independents in Oregon and Washington. Far West Book Service in Portland and Bianco Publishing are also shipping the book to many independent outlets in the large urban areas of Oregon and along the Oregon coast.

Some of those receiving the books are Barnes& Noble, Waldenbooks, Borders, Powell's, Grass Roots bookstore Twenty-Third Avenue Books and many others .

Encouraging reports from a preliminary telephone survey indicated that more press reviews will be appearing soon in newspapers in Seattle, Eugene, Grants Pass, greater Portland area, Medford, Boise (Idaho) and other dailies in the Pacific Northwest . To date, The Oregonian, Salesman Statesman-Journal and the Klamath Falls Herald & News have given lengthy reviews of the book.

Signings are being scheduled for early Spring in the Portland area and later throughout the state and into Washington state.


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